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Q      Do you send samples?

A      Yes we supply A4 samples free of charge. The first two samples are free but subsequent samples have a nominal charge of 25p each. We now have a Mill Length Service. The cost is a fraction of a roll. A mill length is 6 feet or 183 cm.

Q      How soon should I expect my delivery?

A      We use a courier service. This is a 72 working hour service (not including weekends). Orders made before 10.30 am are sent out the next working day. Small orders are sent by Royal Mail. If you require a faster service, please contact us by e mail. We can discuss different options with you.

Q     Do you send wallpaper    overseas?

A      Yes but it can be quite expensive due to the weight of the product. We have the delivery prices set up on the Offshore and Europe Delivery Page.

Q      What adhesive should I use?

A      Most commercial over-the-counter pastes are fine to use with our wallpapers. However, it is important to follow the instructions on the reverse of the wallpaper label.

Q      How long will the wallpaper take to dry out?

A      This varies depending on the ventilation in the room and the time of year. The wallpaper should be allowed to dry naturally, without any additional heat sources. If the wallpaper dries out too quickly, it can shrink, leaving a small gap between the strips.

Q      Are all wallpapers rolled the same way?

A      NO. Modern manufacturing techniques mean that wallpapers can be rolled either way.   Please ensure that you have checked the pattern prior to hanging.

Q      How many rolls do I need?

A       Please use our quick measure up guide. This will give an estimation based on your measurements. It will not allow for large pattern matches/ error but will give a good guide.

Q      How long is a Roll of Wallpaper?

A      Wallpaper usually measures 10 metres x 52 cm or 33 Feet x 20.5 ".

Q          What happens if my delivery is refused or returned back to Direct Wallpapers Retail?

A          The courier charges us 10 plus VAT for a return. We will refund the order less the outward delivery charge and the return charge.



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